Straight, No Chaser
    Hosted by David Utevsky
    Monday, November 8, 2010  9p - 11p
    Time Artist Album Song Label
    new music 9:01p Jason Moran Modernistic Moran Tonk Circa 1936 Blue Note
    new music 9:06p Duke Ellington Live At The Blue Note Tonk Roulette
    new music 9:07p Art Farmer Out of The Past Tonk Chess
    new music 9:12p Ray Bryant Trio Today Tonk EmArcy
    new music 9:16p -MIC BREAK-: -MIC BREAK-
    new music 9:19p Lucky Thompson New York City, 1964-65 The World Awakes Uptown
    new music 9:29p Michael Blake The World Awakes The World Awakes Stunt
    new music 9:41p -MIC BREAK-: -MIC BREAK-
    new music 9:41p Marion Brown Marion Brown In Sommerhausen Dance No. 1 Calig
    new music 9:52p Marion Brown Sweet Earth Flying Sweet Earth Flying, Part Three Impulse
    new music 9:57p Marion Brown & Gunter Hampel Gemini + (Play Sun Ra Live In Concert) Gemini Birth
    new music 10:01p -MIC BREAK-: -MIC BREAK-
    new music 10:05p Joe Battaglia & Terrence McManus Pastellic Reflections White Blood Cells Flattened Planet
    new music 10:10p Stephan Crump With Rosetta Trio Reclamation Overreach Sunnyside
    new music 10:16p Dave Holland & Pepe Habichuela Hands The Whirling Dervish Dare2
    new music 10:23p -MIC BREAK-: -MIC BREAK-
    new music 10:26p Marion Brown Duets Centering Arista Freedom
    new music 10:46p -MIC BREAK-: -MIC BREAK-
    new music 10:46p Lina Allemano Four Jargon Sling Slang Lumo
    new music 10:51p NRG Ensemble This Is My House Burnt Toast Delmark