Straight, No Chaser
    Hosted by David Utevsky
    Monday, December 20, 2010  9p - 11p
    Time Artist Album Song Label
    new music 9:02p Kenny Burrell Kenny Burrell I Hadn't Anyone Till You Concord Jazz
    new music 9:06p Charles Earland Black Talk! Aquarius Prestige
    new music 9:14p John Ellis & Double-Wide Dance Like There's No Tomorrow Dance Like There's No Tomorrow Hyena
    new music 9:20p -MIC BREAK-: -MIC BREAK-
    new music 9:22p Mike Stern Give And Take Giant Steps Atlantic
    new music 9:27p Larry Coryell Introducing The Eleventh House With Larry Coryell Ism-Ejercicio Vanguard
    new music 9:31p Brad Shepik The Well Vapor Oro Songlines
    new music 9:37p -MIC BREAK-: -MIC BREAK-
    new music 9:39p Spanish Fly Fly By Night Fly By Night, Movement 5: End of The Night Accurate
    new music 9:44p Archie Shepp Kwanza Slow Drag Impulse!
    new music 9:54p Odean Pope Odean's List Collections In + Out
    new music 10:00p -MIC BREAK-: -MIC BREAK-
    new music 10:03p Ideal Bread Transmit Papa's Midnite Hop Cuneiform
    new music 10:12p Ivo Perelman The Seven Energies of The Universe Maleness Leo
    new music 10:20p Stephen Gauci, Kris Davis & Michael Bisio Three Just To Be Heard Clean Feed
    new music 10:24p -MIC BREAK-: -MIC BREAK-
    new music 10:27p Undivided [Wacław Zimpel / Bobby Few / Mark Tokar / Klaus Kugel] The Passion Getsemani Multikulti Project
    new music 10:38p Joe Lee Wilson Without A Song Sphirlov (Hurricane) Inner City
    new music 10:44p The Soegaard Ensemble Multiverse Expini Leo
    new music 10:48p -MIC BREAK-: -MIC BREAK-
    new music 10:51p Denman Maroney Quartet GAGA Frogs Nuscope
    new music 10:56p Lina Allemano Four Jargon Cannonball Adderley Tattoo Lumo