Straight, No Chaser
    Hosted by David Utevsky
    Monday, February 7, 2011  9p - 11p
    Time Artist Album Song Label
    new music 9:01p Lee Morgan Leeway Nakatini Suite Blue Note
    new music 9:09p Thelonious Monk Monk 'Round The World Epistrophy Thelonious
    new music 9:15p -MIC BREAK-: -MIC BREAK-
    new music 9:17p Joe Lovano / Us Five Bird Songs Donna Lee Blue Note
    new music 9:22p Noah Preminger Before The Rain Toy Dance Palmetto
    new music 9:27p Steve Coleman And Five Elements Genesis And The Opening of The Way Seti I BMG
    new music 9:32p -MIC BREAK-: -MIC BREAK-
    new music 9:34p Dan O'Brien Group Inside Out Morning Part 2 Pony Boy
    new music 9:41p Dana Reason Trio Revealed Transition Circumention
    new music 9:47p Benoit Delbecq & Francous Houle Dice Thrown Trois pour le Gil Songlines
    new music 9:52p -MIC BREAK-: -MIC BREAK-
    new music 9:54p Anthony Braxton & Gerry Hemingway Old Dogs 2007 Old Dogs Part 3 (Excerpt) Avant
    new music 10:17p -MIC BREAK-: -MIC BREAK-
    new music 10:18p Myth Science Love In Outer Space Kingdom of Not Knitting Factory
    new music 10:28p Gerald Wilson & His Orchestra Big Band Modern Hollywood Freeway Jazz Factory
    new music 10:39p -MIC BREAK-: -MIC BREAK-
    new music 10:43p Les Miserables Brass Band Manic Traditions Manic Depression Northeastern
    new music 10:49p John Ellis & Double-Wide Dance Like There's No Tomorrow Trash Bash Hyena
    new music 10:55p Peter Scherr Son of August Lucky 13 Independent