Flotation Device
    Hosted by Michael Schell
    Sunday, August 1, 2021  10p - 12a
    Time Artist Album Song Label
    new music 10:00p Mic Break
    new music 10:01p KARKHANA Al Azraqayn Al Sal3awa Karlrecords
    new music 10:12p Evan Parker Quartet All Knavery and Collusion A Blazing Star or Comet Appeared Cadillac
    new music 10:16p Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble Warszawa 2019 Warszawa 2019 (excerpts) Fundacja Sluchaj
    new music 10:26p Mic Break
    new music 10:29p Endlings Human Form Human Form (excerpts) Whited Sepulchre
    new music 10:34p Heinz Holliger Ciaccona Ciacconina BIS
    new music 10:38p Nina C. Young Unsnared Drum Heart.throb New Focus
    new music 10:49p Stefano Gervasoni Muro di canti Altra voce (excerpt) KAIROS
    new music 10:57p Mic Break
    new music 11:01p Cecil Taylor Ensemble Göttingen Göttingen: Set 2 (excerpts) Fundacja Sluchaj
    new music 11:10p Xiaogong Ye Winter December Chrysanthemum BIS
    new music 11:19p Mic Break
    new music 11:20p Cedrik Fermont Détails Passage Syrphe
    new music 11:24p Prach Boondiskulchok Organic Creatures Squonk Diptych Consouling Sounds
    new music 11:29p St Celfer StC Lives 51-61-74 61 Bandcamp
    new music 11:35p Mic Break
    new music 11:37p Francisco Mela Trio Music Frees Our Souls, Vol. 1 Light of Mind 577