Here's what's available for Saturday, May 25th

12:00a Variations

1:00a Todd Juan

2:00a Todd Juan

3:00a Zulu Radio

4:00a Zulu Radio

5:00a Todd Juan

6:00a Todd Juan

7:00a Gospel Highway

8:00a Gospel Highway

9:00a Our Saturday Tradition

10:00a Our Saturday Tradition

11:00a Our Saturday Tradition

12:00p Hawai`i Radio Connection

1:00p Hawai`i Radio Connection

2:00p Raizes

3:00p Raizes

4:00p Sabor!

5:00p Sabor!

6:00p music

7:00p music

8:00p Living The Blues

9:00p Living The Blues

10:00p Hip Hop Knuckles

11:00p Hip Hop Knuckles
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